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     Guangzhou Li Xin Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of professional skin care, cosmetics hose packaging business, complete tube can produce extruded PE pipe (double pipe, five pipe), sheet welded pipe (Aluminum plastic sheet, plastic sheet, bright silvered film sheet) and high-end cosmetic accessories (massage head, vibration import instrument, application function brush head, etc.). With a number of independent intellectual property rights of national patents; company with advanced production and processing equipment, as well as a stable and efficient team, is committed to providing the market with the trend of new exotic packaging. The company has many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, micro-brand cooperation. The company in 2016 by the professional media "China Beauty" as the top ten suppliers of micro-enterprises honor enterprises.
       Since the founding of the company in line with the "quality comes first, customer satisfaction" for the purpose, R & D team based on trends, continuous development of new packaging materials, with a number of product patents, diversified operating characteristics and high-end cosmetics packaging, access to a wide range of customer recognition and Reputation.
       The company contract and keeping promises, with an excellent sales team to first-class management processes to ensure product delivery, quality and after-sales service, with a number of well-known cosmetics companies, brand micro-business and foreign customers, such as the establishment of long-term stability Of the cooperation between the products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other Southeast Asian markets.
       Looking to the future, the company abide by the modest and cautious attitude, to provide the market with more and more quality products, as a brand cosmetics incubator incubator. Strive to become the world's top, most professional supplier of packaging materials。